“I have known the creator of Alzheimer And Dementia Care® for seven (7) years. I met her at work. She helped people in all kinds of situations find employment, and provided, or helped retain whatever services they needed. She now has her own business which provides care for patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have had the opportunity to observe her in a variety of settings. She has sound work ethics and exhibits excellent leadership qualities. She has substantial people skills whether dealing with youth or with seniors, and everyone in between. She has a thorough knowledge of her assignments, and completes tasks neatly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. She shows great compassion for her clients, and treats them with the utmost respect. Her appearance is always businesslike, and her demeanor pleasant. She is gentle, kind, and her empathy with people is one of her strengths. I heartily recommend her record of achievements, her ability to deal with people, and her energetic approach to the unpredictable.”

– G.S.

“I hired a caretaker from Alzheimer And Dementia Care® LLC since May 2012. The caretaker is employed as a Personal Care Assistant for my Mother and Aunt. The Caretaker is punctual, dependable, courteous, professional and friendly in her demeanor. It is a pleasure to recommend the Caretaker of Alzheimer And Dementia Care® for any endeavor she wishes to pursue.”

– L.H.

“I have known the creator of Alzheimer And Dementia Care® personally since I was eight (8), which is more than 35 years. This person is known to me as well organized, responsible and compassionate. She has demonstrated extreme patience in assisting her mother, in raising and educating four sisters and a brother, working full time and continuing her education. Her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent and she has a great rapport with people of all ages. I feel these attributes demonstrate exceptional character and personality.”

– Greta T.

“If you’re looking for someone who is caring and hard working your looking in the right place. The staffs at Alzheimer And Dementia Care® LLC are very hard workers. They are very loving, caring and determine people. They have taken care of my grandmother who died from a brain tumor, and Alzheimer’s related disease and my grandfather who had liver cancer. Alzheimer And Dementia Care® made sure that everything was done to our satisfaction. I am sure they will do the same for your family.”

– Nadia M.

Text us at 917-242-0290. Available 24 / 7 by appointment only.

  • 50-hour home care training course on Caring for People with Alzheimer’s disease and Other Forms of Dementia
  • ALOIF society member (Alzheimer’s Association)
  • Alzhemier’s Foundation of America member